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Our Personnel

Elissa Sommerfield, Director

Elissa Sommerfield Portrait

Elissa Sommerfield is the director of TESTPrep and has been an educator all her professional life. She is Valedictorian of Highland Park High plus Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, former teacher of English and American History at SMU for 6 years and at the Dallas Community Colleges for 5 years. Holding her BA from UT-Austin and MA in English with distinction from SMU, a BA in English from University of Texas at Austin summa cum laude and has been an SAT consultant in 34 Texas school districts and schools and Region 10 Texas Education Agnecy. She conducts her Verbal and Math Skills Seminars to enhance scores on the (P)SAT, ACT, and ISEE.

A member of Independent Education Consultants Associations (IECA) for 22 years, Elissa Sommerfield has earned her Certified Educational Planner (CEP) designation enabling her to perform advanced college, grad school, private, and professional consulting. She also tutors one-on-one in most academic areas: study skills, college and school essays, plus the TAKS, THEA, SAT I & II, SSAT, EXCEL, and ISEE. She has written four books on the SAT and co-authored a study skills guide and edited five on education, one on the learning-different student, and one on social services.

Elissa is also member of the Attention Deficit Disorders Association, Southern Region, National, Texas and Richardson/Dallas Learning Disabilities Associations, and the Texas Association College Admissions Counselors (TACAC). She's also attended college counseling and boarding school seminars at Harvard (2), SMU (4), Providence (2), San Francisco (2), Boston (3), Washington D.C. (3), San Diego (3), as well as Atlanta, St. Petersburg, San Antonio, Seattle, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, UT-Austin, Phoenix, Denver, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Charlotte, TCU, University of Dallas, and Indianopolis.

Out of the classroom, Elissa Sommerfield is also a fan of symbolic literature, art, dance film and all types of music, as well as a Dallas Cowboys super fan, which uses the numbers on their jerseys as a mnemonic to remember phone numbers.

Jane Rodgers

Jane Rodgers is an English and Advanced Placement Humanities Instructor at Trinity Christian Academy and SAT critical reading and writing skills consultant. She attained her Masters of Humanities at the University of Dallas, graduated with a Bachelor's in English from UT San Antonio, magna cum laude, and is a certified to teach secondary English and history.

Jane Rodgers will forever have her nose in a book as a strong student of the Classics. If she weren't so busy interpreting Herman Melville's symbols like the whiteness of the whale, she could've continued her coaching the Trinity Christian's women's tennis team.

Mary Pawlowicz

Former Chair of the Mathematics Department and current SAT consultant and Advanced Placement Math Teacher at Ursuline Academy, a consultant at the Texas Education Agency, with an MA from Columbia University and MS in Math from Adelphi University.

Mary devotes much of her time to fine art (especially classical paintings) and in the off-season, tours art exhibits all over the world, and sometimes uses Mathematical Design (i.e., origami) as a teaching aid for her students.

If you want to contact our staff, or register for a place in our classes, please call 214-363-7043. Refer to this page for additional information.

If you want to contact our staff, or register for a place in our classes, please call 214-363-7043. Refer to this page for additional information.