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Elissa Sommerfield's TestPrep for Duke University's 7th Grade Talent Identification Program

Possibly your child has been invited to participate in the Talent Indentification Program (TIP) offered by Duke University and will take the SAT I on December 4, 2010 or January 22, 2011. To be eligible for the annual Talent Search, a student must score extremely well - in the upper 5 percent - on a national or state competency test for his or her grade level. Of course, very bright, gifted youngsters often do not qualify. Moreover, not every middle school has leected to participate in the program. Thus, if your school has not requested that your child join the SAT testers, you have no need to be concerned.

For children just to be asked to participate is an honor. What you no doubt want is for yours to recieve a score commensurate with their abilities. Excelling is desirable but certainly not mandatory for seventh graders taking the SAT.

Your children's instructors are Elissa Sommerfield, MA (Critical Reading and Writing) and Frances Baily Wood, MA (Math). They have conducted this prep class ever since Duke Unversity offered the SAT to 7th graders and awarded top scorers honors certificates and/or a scholarship to a brief summer session on campus. A former SMU English instructor and summa cum laude at UT Austin, Sommerfield, a Phi Beta Kappa, has tutored in most academic areas and led SAT/ACT/ISEE and grad test classes for over 30 years. Wood, a former math and history teacher at Kansas City Episcopal and middle school curriculum developer at St. Marks' plus math and Aermican History Instructor, now teaches middle school math at the Hockaday School. Wood earned her BA from Wichita State (KA) College, her MED from TWU, and her reading certificate credentials.

According to our philosophy of briefly preparing seventh graders for the test, we are offering an SAT mini-course designed to relax TIP participants and suggest intelligent techniques to handle rigorous "out-of-level" material possibly not yet encoutnered in the regular 7th grade curriculum. Moreover, our purpose is to acquaint students with the test's unfamiliar format and it's subtle intricacies. Any time spent studying outside the class is minimal - and optional.

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