SAT, ACT, Post-Graduate & Professional Certification & Re-Certification Preparation and Tutoring in the Dallas Area

The Independent Educational Consultant Agency

For about 35 years, the Independent Educational Consultant Agency (IECA) has created, twice annually, conferences attended by Elissa Sommerfield to enrich the vision which will assist the more than 350 educational consultants to keep up with the latest technologies and philosophies. For those consultants, like Mrs. Sommerfield, are able to convey the latest information for students who wish to benefit the most from their educational facilities.

IECA holds two conferences annually, sometimes even more – to provide more information on the latest trends in education. Elissa Sommerfield usually attends these conferences to provide the finest, most efficient professional teachers willing to present tutorial–type instruction and advice for the educational institutions most advisable for her students.

At the IECA conference of Indianapolis, Mrs. Sommerfield will be able to tour several Midwestern universities, such as Illinois, Indiana, and Chicago, as well as smaller schools, travel abroad, and private schools usually ranging from younger ones ranging from grades 5 thru 12 for summer camp and school.

Elissa Sommerfield is aware that the most important is the IECA’s ability, especially at it’s conferences, to import the newest, most in-depth and most vital information to provide the best for students who desire the best means to grow up as astute, mature individuals.