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Practice Essay: A Good Lesson

A dog who had stolen a large bone was carrying it off in order to enjoy his meal without any interference. Crossing a bridget, he happened to see his reflection in the unrippled pool. In fact, he thought it was another dog with another large bone, and in his greedy eyes the other bone appeared larger than his. The actual dog snarled and made a grab for the other dog's bone- at which time he dropped his own. The bone fell into the water, sanke, and was lost. The actual dog slunk away hungrier than ever.

The most appropriate lesson derived from this anecdote is

ELISSA SOMMERFIELD is a Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with an MA in English from SMU. She taught English at SMU and in the Dallas County Community College District. For under 30 years, she has conducted classes in SAT and ACT preparation as well as in graduate school exam instruction and study skills. Additionally, she has tutored extensively in most academic areas, the ISEE, the composition of school entrance essays, and editing books. She has served as an SAT and educational consultant for 29 Texas school districts and has authored four books on SATs plus, with Frances Bailey Wood, co-authored and revised one on how to study efficiently. An educational consultant, as well as graduate school, college, and boarding school counselor, she is a member of Independent Educational Consultants Association and Texas Association for College Admissions Counselors. Sommerfield actively maintains her Certified Educational Planner designation and at UT was a Phi Beta Kappa in her junior year.

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