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Practice Essay: Prehistoric Creatures

Question Sample G

In the early 1990s encyclopedia stated unequivocally that multifarious, HUGE ancestral elephants, termed mammoths, had become extince at the termination of the Ice Age. These Predators such as enourmous saber-toothed tigers and ferocious lions, prevailed at the edge of a vast ice sheet, on which thse gargantuan creatures began to impinge on to the mammoths' northern habitat. The tremendous mammoths were called behemoths, or jumbo or lofty but never attenuated.

Questions to G?

1. Could three words in passage G suggest the formidable size of the ancestral elephants?

Yes or No? You tell us.

2. Does unequivocal mean it is a word taken in only one way?

1) Yes 2) Yes and No 3) No 4) Why or Why not?

3. Can you define formidable? WHy or why not?

4. Can a football player who attacks an offensive lineman ever impinge on a member of the opposing team who plays against a stout defensive lineman.

Answer - Yes. Ask demarcus ware.

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