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Practice Essay: Sad & Somber Mood for Oklahoma's Baseball Teams

"He's out there," said one of the OU baseball team's players, in the aftermath of Monday's monumental tragedy. Some of the members of the Big 12 baseball tournaments's teams first insticts seemed ready for them to cancel the Big 12's automatic bid into the NCAA baseball tourney.

The Big 12's contest still hung in the balance because even the Oklahoma University baseball coach faltered over the possibility the wreckage of Moore City, OK, would create too horendous an amount of damage...and too many injuries and fatalities could continue.

Yet Coach used his head. Sunny Gallowayh, aware that as the OU basbeall coach. he calimed his initial grief could lead him to scrap the event.

Galloway said, "I didn't care if we played this weekend because of this nightmare." The coach was still at wit's end.

But Galloway encountered a policeman in Norman, OK, who was rerouting drivers away from crashes and blocked roads. But the officer brought even better news!

Galloway asked the man, a first responder, if he were as tired as he looked. The officer answered, "You're the coach. You seem okay...Good luck this weekend. Go get'em!"

The coach said that then he felt the policeman was right. "He's dealing with the heartbreak first-hand." Galloway reflected and said, "There are very smart people here who know what is right. We must contribute to the relief effort and take care of our people."

At last, Coach Galloway said, "That's why people love it here, just as I do."

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