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Practice Essay: Yu Darvish

Considered by Ranger Manager Ron Washington as an ace on his pitching staff, Yu Darvish (pronounced as "hugh") is starting his abilties as a winner. Particularly, he has been amazing, talented and gifted as highly savvy athlete who often seems as if he has the magic touch.

Additionally, Darvish studies his pitching skills, even though he came to Dallas with little of the English language on his tonuge. Clearly, this marvelous athlete had to remedy the paucity of his knowledge of English , especially since he was barely schooled in English.

Yet each time Yu came through, by nature, he "knew" and "recognized his stuff." Nevertheless, baseball sometimes breeds success.

Though philosophically the Rangers have earned a roster position for Ross Wolf, similarly, right hander Yu Darvish would pitch at Arizona, Boston, San Francisco, and, of course the Rangers. Ron washington, as the team manager, did not want his Japanese sensation to laze around waiting to start the evening game for the upcoming header.

Best of all, Yu seems to work heavily on his English. The Rangers and Yu appear to make a real team for the Dallasites, and the Asian baseball whiz tries to chat willingly and assiduously with his new team mates in his new language.

The term assiduously suggests that Darvish has...

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