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If Submitted via the Website, All Payment Information will be Taken over the Phone or Mailed to
Given Address


Places in Seminars are granted in the order registration is received with Payment (via mail, PDF print out avaialable, or call with a credit card number). PAYMENT REQUIRED BEFORE FIRST CLASS.

If you are responding by mail, along with the form, include a check made out to VERBAL SKILLS or credit card number to this address

TUITION (Including books, if necessary).

Verbals Only $370 | Math Only $370 | Verbal & Math $595

Writing Seminar $210 | Math Workshop $210 | ACT $365

No tuition refunded later than 24 hours BEFORE the first class

Free Makeup and Review Classes Available. Attendance Encouraged!

Although 91% of our students have raised their scores (some by up to 350 points), students should view enrollment in a seminar as more than just a means to raise their SAT and ACT scores. They should attempt to sharpen their verbal, math, and writing abilities and learn the best methods to approach questions on ALL tests.