SAT, ACT, Post-Graduate & Professional Certification & Re-Certification Preparation and Tutoring in the Dallas Area

What do you do?

Sommerfield's TESTPREP system is built upon a time-tested method which has been refined for decades, with a list of past students implementing for themselves the skills they have acquired from our program. Whether you're looking for something to better your child's academic success or your own professional advancement, we have the tools for you, at the schedule that can best fit your timetable.


Grade School

Of all levels of education, Pre-K and elementary levels are fundamental for all your child's learning needs that would come after. Therefore, it is the most important. TESTPrep will teach your child to grasp the basics and expand the curriculum to go beyond just rote learning of numbers and sounds.

At Sommerfield's TestPrep & Tutoring, at all stages of the child's lessons, parents will be kept abreast of their child's progress through written reports, in-class visitation, and face-to-face meetings with the teachers.


High School

The transition from childhood to adulthood is fraught with questions, insecurities and, in some cases, VERY real dangers. However, don't let your child's education succumb to the many uncertainties they will inevitably face. With large student-to-teacher ratios in classrooms, underfunded education programs, peer pressure, and underpaid, overworked educational workforce, all these can serve to deter a still pliable, young mind from taking the high and narrow road of pursuing higher education. Even in the best case scenarios, with well-funded schools, low volume classrooms, and experienced, caring teachers, the daunting and increasingly complex workload besetting today's student can tempt teens, if left to their own devices, to succumb to discouragement.

We at TESTPrep ascertain the strength of a student's previous education, strengthens the fundamentals, if lacking, and builds from there. Our tutoring and our classes train the student to take on ever more rigorous testing and help them learn the material underlying the test and in the book. We also will prepare them for college level work in verbal, written, and mathematical skills to be able to take these newly sharpened abilities well beyond their high school years.



The real work begins in college. Between a newfound freedom, a totally different environment, and the forging new friendships and other social connections, the pressure to stay ahead is palpable. With a crushing workload and a full schedule unprecedented in even the toughest high school, college is a rite of passage that can whittle the student body down to those that can stand the pressure. TESTPrep here can turn the tide for those students who would otherwise be unable to endure the trying task that lies before them. Our instructors have taught and continue to teach in a university environment and are therefore very familiar with the pressures today's college students have to display.

Because the TESTPrep system was born in the halls of college, its precepts can be applied to any college major. Plus, if the student should happen to be fortunate enough to be tutored under the TESTPrep system previous to college, then then most of the study skills learned earlier can be applied directly to college with much the same success. In either case, TESTPrep will give that needed edge to best the competition of other classmates unprepared for the rigors of college life.

Post-Graduate, Professional & Industrial Certification, and Recertifications


Whether it's been several weeks or several years, or even several decades since you've graduated college, TESTPrep can prepare you as it has prepared others who have startede earlier.

Whether you're changing majors, have just graduated college, need a re-certification in the same field or a change of career altogether, TESTPrep is for anyone that applies themselves. No matter what the industry, the product, or the skill set, TESTPrep is more than prepared to teach YOU the system that works, whether it's the GRE, GSRE, LSAT, the difficult, lengthy medical school entrance exam, or even the prestigious bar exam. TESTPrep not only CAN prepare you for these various tests, but HAS prepared others for these very same tests. Tutoring and Test Preparation is not JUST for high school and college students.

Okay, we know WHOM you teach, but WHAT do you teach?

For Reading Writing and Verbals

Emphasis will be on vocabulary enrichment, improvement of reading skills, verbal discrimination, grammar. Practice on sample and actual Scholastic Assessment Test questions, such as grammar, composition, sentence completions, essays, and reading comprehension. Specific test-taking strategies are illustrated and emphasized.

An evaluation of reading, grammar, and learning problems will be provided, along with suggestions concerning further remedial or enrichment work given to parents or children.

Math SAT Seminars

We have a unique professional analysis of SAT math section, which concentrates on examination of form, structure, and layout of SAT math sections. We group SAT problems by content and difficulty level, and then apply specific test-taking strategies which are explained, applied, and illustrated. We emphasize mathematical concepts, logic, speed, as applied to SAT questions.

All of this is backed up by the Sommerfeld Advantage of TESTPrep:

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